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writer:: a person who commits his or her thoughts, ideas, etc., to writing


Hey there everyone...er or anyone who still reads my journal. I haven't posted in forever. And I have to say that I miss it, I miss everyone I miss writing and I think that I'm going to start up the joural again.

So much has happened in the months that I've been gone, the problem is I don't know who all is still here, or what those that are still here are intrested in hearing me ramble on about, so I'm posting this question to any readers that may still be here::

1) If you are still reading my journal or would like to read my journal please comment and tell me so I can get a sense of who is here and who is not. :-) 

2) Do you have any specfic questions about what I've been doing in my kinky little corner of the burgh or with my life in general...?

3) Any suggestions on where I should start with the reboot of this journal....

Miss everyone and I'm going to try to be better, and try to be back. :-D I hope you all haven't forgotten me, because your still very much in my mind and my heart.



The answer is 42.

No you haven't randomly stumbled on a random journal, this is the former wishfuljulia.... now celestialjules. 

Still me. Just a change to mirror the change of the ton of this journal. 



Just a reminder...

This is just a reminder if you happen to come here wondering why I defriended you. My journal has changed.... less journal more writing.... Lot's of writing. 

If you would like to be added back on... or on in the first place please comment here. :-D





There are four things man can go up against. They are: other man(be it man, woman, alien, you know), nature, machine and the one you'll be writing about, THE SELF!

Inner turmoil creates fantastic challenges and obstacles to conquer, and makes for some great writing. ;)

Your challenge is to create a story all within the confines of your main character(s). I realize that might be a tad open for interpretation, but that just gets me more excited to see what you've got!

That is the guidelines for a challenge I'm thinking of entering over at the_dead_muse. I'm hoping everyone and anyone who reads this can help me out and see if you think it follows the idea for the challenge. ~Thanks bunches!

Also... well... comments are uber love, as well as any help. 



Gift Becomes a Curse

Short Story:: Gift Becomes a Curse
Rating:: R for theme and language
Authors Note::: Unedited by anyone other than me, corrections and advice appricated and Comments = love. 

A slight Change...

I've been away, and not just away but gone. 

I'm not really back, but changing. 

This is no longer a "Journal". 

It is merely a place were I am going to write, and write and write. Mostly fiction.

It will not be about my life, I just can't do that right now. 

I will however hopefully be writing alot more lately and I'd love to have people read my work. 

This Monday I will be defriending everyone from this journal. 

If you'd like to stay to read my writings then please comment here. 

If not.... thank you for the time we had and I wish you well. 



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Remember the following today... 

It does not matter what holiday you celabrate. It does not matter what you believe. It does not matter how you celabrate or believe what ever it is. 

What does matter is friends and family and believing in something.... anything. 

Remember that if everyone treated everyone with respect and kindness and good will towards their fellow man (or women or sub or slave or whatever...) then it would be a better world. 

Never forget to say thank you, your welcome, or please. 
Treat each other the way you wish to be treated. 
Smile, it will warm someones heart when you do. 

Merry Christmas... spread the cheer!


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