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2 March 1986
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This journal has transformed into something a bit different from where it started. It is only bits of writing, and they will be under lock and key so if you'd like to read them please ask to be added. I had for a while banned myself from my LJ for personal reasons. Today I am unlocking that ban, but only in the writing sense. This is now a writing journal. Something and somewhere to let out my muse and hopefully help her get to inpsiring me a bit more in order to finish the two novels I've started. Hopefully there will be alot to write, most likely there will be days with nothing. Please comment as I love comments, but also, please be considerate. Construstive critism is appricated, flamming is not. Don't make me lock up my life.

Thank you, and welcome

Prizes one for my writing::

This is the story Silence that won